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How it all started

Scott Aranda has been photographing weddings, portraits and other events since 2006.  His unique vision and fresh style garnered acclaim from all his clients.  Early on in his career Scott saw that all of his clients desired for their events be captured artistically but without intimidating, high pressure approaches and sales tactics.  Scott quickly learned to provide a good experience that achieves unique beauty through simplicity.  Scott worked with a wide variety of events, in the best of situations and less than optimal conditions, yet consistently provided exceptional results.  These experiences led to the formation of his unique aesthetic and approach which fits seamlessly and complements a couple's most important day.


Scott has a degree from San Antonio College in Photography with a concentration in Photojournalism. This has given him the knowledge on how to capture those fleeting moments and create beautiful images by using lighting and posing.  He has also worked at the only professional camera store in San Antonio for three years, The Camera Exchange, Inc. This has been extremely beneficial in not only understanding various cameras and photographic equipment, but also by getting a bird's eye view of the San Antonio photographic industry. Scott Aranda has also worked  as a freelance wedding photographer as a lead and second shooter with some of the biggest wedding photography companies in San Antonio for the past two years.


I am a simple, kind person who loves experiencing new things. I love to learn and ever since I was a kid, I've always been very inquisitive. I find joy in learning the simplest things and stay curious for more. When I'm not asking questions, or shooting, I love listening to  relaxing music and enjoy a nice cigar (Nicaraguan are my favorite.).  I love going to new places and meeting new people. I surround myself with positive, self-motivating individuals, who inspire me to be a better person.

To me, life it's all about the experiences and the relationships you build. It's what makes life rich. And it's what I love to share with others.


SCOTT ARANDA PHOTOGRAPHY is the perfect combination of modern styling and traditional photographic techniques. This approach delivers time proven lighting and posing techniques along with a fun, easy going, approach that brides are look for. The results are images that are truly different and unique. SCOTT ARANDA PHOTOGRAPHY delivers images with impact. Whether is be a bridal session, engagement, or wedding day coverage, you are going to receive images that are truly going to be beautiful and different than the rest.

A wedding is a very important day in a couple's lives that can never be repeated. That is why SCOTT ARANDA PHOTOGRPHY approaches every single wedding with the utmost respect. 

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